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Hillsdale College

This university offers several free courses you can watch and take quizzes on.  They largely focus on the Constitution and western civilization.  Each course also has quizzes.  It’s great content!


Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a ton of content, ranging from math and sciences to the humanities.  Some of the history videos are from a decidedly liberal bent, but the other content is really good.  Watching videos and completing exercises also earns you points and badges.


Prager University

Excellent and brief educational videos from a conservative perspective.  There are videos about history, politics, sociology, and Christianity, all only about 5 min. each


Free Online Courses

Lots of universities offer free courses on all sorts of topics.  Here’s an index of sorts to help you find them.  I’m just getting started with this site, so I haven’t viewed most of the content and can’t say for certain what kind of political slant the material has.  But I’m excited to check these out!


CM Punk’s Grammar Slam

WWE wrestler CM Punk does short videos on common grammar mistakes, lampooning tweets and letters he receives from his detractors.  Honestly, I did not expect a wrestler to be this intelligent, which just goes to show you should not judge a man’s intelligence on his profession.  *Warning: Lots of foul language*


Colion Noir

New spokesman for the NRA, does great and super brief (only about 2 min long each) videos about gun control on his YouTube channel.



The page I’ve linked is specifically to BYU TV’s documentaries.  Granted, they are largely from a Mormon perspective, but not exclusively so.  Naturally, many of them are on religious topics.  I especially recommend Fires of Faith, about the translation of the King James Bible.



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