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Flowers in Hawaii

I went to Hawaii for the first time not that long ago, and it was wonderful!  I love taking pictures of everything, so I had a lot of pictures to go through when I got back.  I especially enjoyed taking pictures of the flowers.


The day we got there it rained, which made the grounds of our resort feel even more tropical.

These are hibiscus flowers, commonly considered symbols of Hawaii, even though many of the species (including the ones above) are actually non-native.


The above flower is an example of a native hibiscus.


Wearing a hibiscus on the right side indicates a woman is single, while wearing one on the left side indicates she is taken.

There were also many beautiful orchids.  I especially love the variegated ones.


The bird of paradise is one of the most interesting looking flowers.

Mahalo for looking at my post!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Cows on Parade in SLO

Oct. 2016 080

Cow Parade is an international public art event featuring cows created by local artists.  Some of the artists are famous, and some aren’t, both professionals and amateurs.


The cows decorate the city streets.  The first Cow Parade was in Chicago, in 1999, and the second one in 2000 in New York City.


I was fortunate enough to see both of them.  Since then, Cow Parade went international, with events in the UK, Portugal, Latvia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, and many, many more.


There has been a Cow Parade in 79 cities world wide.


In 2016, I got to see Cow Parade a third time, in San Luis Obispo.  All of the cows pictured here were in SLO, photographed by yours truly (well, except for the ones I’m in, of course).


At the end of the Cow Parade in a city, the cows are auctioned off and money is donated to various charities.  (All information provided came from their website.)


Some of the cows are also made into figurines which people (including my mom) like to collect.


I think this is a really cool project, and I hope to continue to see more cows on parade!


Provo City Center Temple


The Provo City Center Temple is on South University Ave. in downtown Provo, Utah.  Construction began in May, 2012, and was dedicated in May, 2016, after an open house to which all comers were invited.  It’s the 150th temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


There is a central tower capped with a statue of Moroni, with four towers, one in each corner.


This temple was originally a tabernacle, not a temple.  A tabernacle is meant as a meetinghouse for the church. The tabernacle was heavily damaged in a fire in 2010.  In 2011, President Monson announced that it would be rebuilt as a temple.  The interior was completely redone, but the facade of the tabernacle was preserved.  The tabernacle’s pulpit was also saved.


The landscaping around the building is lush and beautiful.


I love this reminder of the purpose of temples: to unite families for eternity.


A reflection of the temple in the glass wall of its neighbor.

Additional references:

  • History of the Provo City Center temple on LDSchurchtemples.com
  • History of the Provo City Center temple with lots of pictures on lds.org

Salt Lake City Temple


Last summer, my husband and I made a trip to Utah, and we spent a day at Temple Square.  You’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty impressive structure.  The walls are 9 feet thick at the top, and 6 feet thick at the top. The angel Moroni statue on top is 14 feet tall.


It’s even more impressive when you know a little of it’s history.  Construction on it began on July 28, 1853, only six years after the Latter Day Saints arrived in what we know as the Salt Lake valley.  The city of Salt Lake was planned around the location of the temple.


The stone used to build the temple was brought here from a quarry 20 miles away.  The whole temple took 40 years to build.

There are many other buildings at Temple Square, as well as monuments and gardens.

20160617_113024    The temple and the Tabernacle, a meetinghouse for the members and the first home of General Conference.


The temple and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

The words “Holiness to the Lord. The House of the Lord” can be found on every temple to remind us of the purpose of the temple.  It is a sacred and beautiful place where we can worship Heavenly Father, make covenants, and feel His power in our own lives.utah-june-2016-127

If you want to learn more about the Salt Lake temple, you can learn more at LDSchurchtemples.com

You can learn more about the purpose of the temple at LDS.org

More Pictures of Food


July 2016 141

Coconut and macadamia crusted French toast.  Yes, please!

July 2016 040

Who needs a cocktail when I can have a smoothie?


Sausage and gnocchi: The Italian dish you didn’t know you needed.

July 2016 032

Deluxe strawberry cream from 85 Degrees bakery.  When my husband tried it, he knew immediately that it’s what he wanted for his birthday.

July 2016 031

Chocolate pearl, also from 85 Degrees bakery.  It’s like eating a giant truffle.  It was delicious!  The chocolate syrup covering it is so perfect I could see my reflection in it.

Are you hungry yet?

Pictures of Food

My husband is sometimes annoyed when we’re out to eat and I take pictures of our food.  But food is such an important part of life!  Eating is a big part of our life experiences.  There’s special occasions and celebrations, the comfort of your favorite foods, and the daring of trying something new.


The Full Monte Cristo

Seriously, the monte cristo is a life-changing sandwich


Death By Chocolate

I’ve never had a dessert come with a steak knife before!  I seriously almost finished this whole thing by myself.

end of May  2016 082

Sometimes, what you really need on a hot day is a snow cone.


This bratwurst, with Hawaiian sweet rolls for a bun and a really sweet BBQ sauce, turned out to be way too sweet, but it’s still fun to try new restaurants. You never know until you try, right?

April pt 2 2016 011

Sometimes, the presentation is so much nicer than you expected that you just have to take a picture.  This was my husband’s lunch, and he actually asked me to take a picture of it!

April pt 2 2016 077

Dark chocolate goodness at Ghirardelli.


This was the creamiest crème brulee that I have ever had.  It was the perfect way to celebrate my anniversary this year.

What (and where) do you like to eat?  Take pictures of it to capture the memories!

Random Instagram Photos

I like experimenting with Instagram, though I don’t do it very often.

I don’t usually end up with very high quality photos, but they look cool and exotic.

IAug. 2013 008

Going through the car wash!

Aug. 2013 010

I love frozen yogurt, but especially Tutti Frutti.  I get to eat ice cream but it’s healthier, because really it’s froyo.  My husband thought I was weird until he tried it, too, and now he’s an addict. I like to put lots of toppings on mine, but mostly strawberries and granola.  And sometimes crushed Oreos.

Aug. 2013 001

Playing Monopoly with my nephew.  If he manages to get this monopoly, I know he’s going to slaughter me.

Aug. 2013 002

The nephew and I after a wild night out on the town.

Aug. 2013 004

Oh yeah.  It’s over.

Aug. 2013 006

My first time trying Toffifay. Oh my gosh.  It was so good.

I was just going to eat one, and save the rest for later.

But that totally did not happen.