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About the Blog


My goal is to post something every day.  That usually doesn’t happen, but I do try to post several times a week.  Since some days I have a hard time thinking up topics, and I wanted to bring a little (but not too much) structure to my blog, I decided to make a schedule, so here it is:

Spiritual Sunday – religious and spiritual topics

Political Monday – politics and current events

Linguist Tuesday – language and grammar

Whatever Wednesday – totally random

Pet-Peeve Thursday – things that really bug me

Efficiency Friday – work, lifestyle, and education

Not-So-Serious-Saturday – fun and entertainment

I usually try to stick to each day’s theme, but mostly I just post whatever I feel like posting.  Suggestions for topics are welcome and appreciated!

All opinions here are entirely my own.  I try to research my topics well, but in the end, all commentary is just my own opinion.  I won’t make any excuses or apologies for saying what I believe.


What do you think about it?

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