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The Left on Modesty


There’s a lot of mixed messages about modesty out there in the world.  Let me help you sort them out.

The left: There is too much sexual objectification in the (very left-leaning) media by featuring women in skimpy clothes and sex scenes, and it’s very damaging.

Also the left: Wearing skimpy clothes/taking your clothes off is empowering!  To say otherwise is slut-shaming.

Also the left: Muslim women wearing the burka (even if forced to do it by their family, culture, or government)  is empowering!

Also the left: Christian women who practice/encourage others to practice modesty are oppressive, part of rape culture, teach girls to be ashamed of their bodies, and analogous to forcing women to wear a burka!  Also, you’re probably sexist!

All that mental gymnastics must be exhausting.  No wonder the feminist moralizing fashion police are so cranky.


What do you think about it?

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