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Flowers in Hawaii


I went to Hawaii for the first time not that long ago, and it was wonderful!  I love taking pictures of everything, so I had a lot of pictures to go through when I got back.  I especially enjoyed taking pictures of the flowers.


The day we got there it rained, which made the grounds of our resort feel even more tropical.

These are hibiscus flowers, commonly considered symbols of Hawaii, even though many of the species (including the ones above) are actually non-native.


The above flower is an example of a native hibiscus.


Wearing a hibiscus on the right side indicates a woman is single, while wearing one on the left side indicates she is taken.

There were also many beautiful orchids.  I especially love the variegated ones.


The bird of paradise is one of the most interesting looking flowers.

Mahalo for looking at my post!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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