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On Slavery and White Guilt


So, a friend of mine on Facebook posted this meme.  Naturally, I had to comment.  One of her other friends responded, and we went at it for a little while.  Here is the conversation, verbatim:

Me: So tired of this pity party. No modern American is a slave owner or a slave. I have never heard any American say slavery is acceptable or anything but a horrible practice. I refuse to feel guilty or over something I had nothing to do with.

Other gal: You have everything to do with it IF you do nothing!!!! Segregation was as recent as the 60s. Think about that. Watch “The Butler” no one is asking you to feel guilty. But you might want to examine your defensive towards the thought of even being faced with the facts.

Me: I’m fully aware of the facts of slavery. If you think no one is trying to make me feel guilty, reread your own post. You seem to think I’m responsible by saying I need to do something about slavery and segregation, both of which are already illegal.

Other gal: I said “if” you do nothing, so IF you do nothing then you have nothing to feel guilty about. So good. Im just trying to get you to understand that your defensiveness is for what?

Me: If you don’t see how much the left loves to wallow in white guilt, then I can not help you understand. Have a nice day.

Other gal: Im not the one who feels guilty

I didn’t respond.  But if I did, it would have been something like: As I already stated, I do not feel guilty.  Also, I don’t like my own comments on Facebook.  Narcissist much?

Seriously, she liked her own comments.  (As in, clicked “like” underneath them.)  I actually laughed out loud when I saw that, and that was what really made me decide to no longer respond to her.  Someone that narcissistic is not going to give you a very good conversation.

I also didn’t add in the grammatical errors.  Those are all hers.

Now, I would also like to add in a few other points.

The left (of all colors) truly does love to wallow in white guilt.  Here are a few examples:

As you can see, there is definitely a chunk of public opinion that says white people are racist, end of story.  Even being liberal won’t save you from being called racist.  Then there are those who only call whites who are conservative racist.  Disagreeing with a liberal means you are racist.

I refuse to wallow in white guilt.  I am responsible for my actions.  So is every other human being on the planet.  People of German ancestry are not responsible for Hitler and the Holocaust.  People of Japanese ancestry are not responsible for Japanese war crimes during WWII.  People of Russian ancestry are not responsible for Stalin’s purges.  I could go on, but I think I make my point.  We are not responsible for atrocities that occurred before we were even born (or when we were small children).

Segregation was not a conspiracy of white business owners.  It was state-mandated.  White business owners couldn’t make their businesses non-segregated even if they wanted to.  Segregation had the force of law to support it, just as slavery had until it was abolished.  This demonstrates the need to abolish government overreach just as much as it is evidence of racism.

It’s interesting that, in the meme, the word free is in quotation marks.  The creator was trying to make a snarky point that black people aren’t really free right now, because of racism.  Let’s ponder that for a moment.

Government welfare now provides health care, food, housing, and education to those who can not afford it for themselves, provided the individuals show themselves to be poor enough.

Do you know who else provided food, clothing, and shelter for their dependents?  Slave owners.

Indeed, dependency on the government makes you, regardless of color, a slave, and the government your master.  We would all be better off if everyone, rather than trying to blame history, took responsibility for their own lives.




What do you think about it?

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