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Whose Body? Whose Choice?


So, it all started with this meme.  We know about memes.  Memes are meant to convey a single point in a concise way, and usually try to be clever about it.  A friend of mine posted this one to Facebook.  It sure generated a lot of action.

Multiple times, my friend clarified that he does not include rape victims who get pregnant and similar situations, but, rather, a need for the average person to make responsible choices before getting pregnant.  On one particular thread, this conversation happened:

Other guy: Then, your MEME is a terrible representation of that, and lacks any kind of context for nuanced discussion.

Also, what about the girl who was raised in a very sheltering community and once she gets out into the world as a young adult believes a guy when he tells her that he can’t get her pregnant because he was in an accident and had his spleen removed. (I know someone who this happened to.) And got pregnant anyway. What about that 19 year old girl? Is it still her responsibility because her parents and community failed her?

Me: The meme is clear. It refers to the choice to have sex. Obviously that disincludes rape.

Other guy: The MEME is not clear. Because the picture of the woman holding the sign is anything but clear. Can you tell me what her motivation is for standing and protesting? Nope. Because you don’t know what it is. “MY BODY MY CHOICE” could mean, “I have the right to an abortion” if I want, or “I have the right to have unprotected sex, and then abort the baby because it’s inconvenient,” or it could mean, “It’s my body what choices I make about my body, no matter what those choices happen to be are nobody’s fucking business but the people who I choose to include in the discussion, period.”

That’s part of the problem with this kind of one-or-the-other image. It isn’t meant to foster discussion, or critical thinking, or compassion.

Me: Those three options you listed all boil down to the same thing. Guess you really did understand the meme, you just don’t like what it has to say.

Other guy: Can’t decide if you’re trying to troll or just being obtuse, because if you think option three boils down to the same thing as the other two, it makes me think you’re really not looking at the greater scope of the issue, and not even interested in looking at this in anything other than “right” or “wrong” and if it disagrees with my version of “right” it’s “wrong.”

Tell you what. Go read some of the other discussion points on this thread, and get back to me when you have responses to all of the situations and scenarios I brought up.

Me: All three options boil down to “I can have an abortion if I want to, and you can’t say anything about it.”

Other guy: Okay. So, it’s obtuse.

Me: You call for compassion, but when I disagree with your analysis, you call me stupid. Very compassionate of you.

Other guy: No. I did not call you stupid. If I was going to call you stupid, I would have said stupid. Also, when I first mentioned it, I said, “Can’t decide if you’re trying to troll or just being obtuse,” which doesn’t speak to how you are approaching this discussion, not any sort of commentary about you as a person. When, in my response, I said, So, it’s obtuse.” I was just reaffirming my previous statement assessment about this discussion.

With that, I think that you’ve got too many emotions wrapped up in this discussion so I’ll leave it at that.

Me: Obtuse on Thesaurus.com

Then I blocked him.

There you have it, folks.  Another example of liberal hypocrisy at its finest.  Call someone names, then deny it and call them emotional when they call you on it.


What do you think about it?

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