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Pictures of Food


My husband is sometimes annoyed when we’re out to eat and I take pictures of our food.  But food is such an important part of life!  Eating is a big part of our life experiences.  There’s special occasions and celebrations, the comfort of your favorite foods, and the daring of trying something new.


The Full Monte Cristo

Seriously, the monte cristo is a life-changing sandwich


Death By Chocolate

I’ve never had a dessert come with a steak knife before!  I seriously almost finished this whole thing by myself.

end of May  2016 082

Sometimes, what you really need on a hot day is a snow cone.


This bratwurst, with Hawaiian sweet rolls for a bun and a really sweet BBQ sauce, turned out to be way too sweet, but it’s still fun to try new restaurants. You never know until you try, right?

April pt 2 2016 011

Sometimes, the presentation is so much nicer than you expected that you just have to take a picture.  This was my husband’s lunch, and he actually asked me to take a picture of it!

April pt 2 2016 077

Dark chocolate goodness at Ghirardelli.


This was the creamiest crème brulee that I have ever had.  It was the perfect way to celebrate my anniversary this year.

What (and where) do you like to eat?  Take pictures of it to capture the memories!


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