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Kids Say the Weirdest Things!


One of my favorite things about working with kids is hearing the stuff they say.  They tend to be blunt, are often funny, and even, on occasion, insightful.  Sometimes, however, they are just plain weird.  Here’s some of the weird stuff my students have said to me:

*  *  *

When we went outside to walk to music, one of my boys said “Whenever I go outside and it’s really bright, my eyelashes go up.”

Me: “What?”

Him: “My eyelashes go up to my eyebrows!”

Um…sure kid…whatever that means.

*  *  *

When picking up my students from music on the same day, one of my girls randomly burst out “I’m a vampire!”  This was in December, so there hadn’t been any discussions about vampires (at least that I heard) for a month and a half.

*  *  *

While we were walking outside, it started to rain a little.  “Don’t worry,” I called to my class, “you won’t melt.”

“Yes I will!” one of my girls called back to me, (the same one, incidentally, who told me she’s a vampire).

*  *  *

Okay, this was something my kids did, rather than said:

When I wear a skirt in the Winter, I wear tights or leggings underneath.  Come Spring, leggings became shorts, leaving my lower legs bare.  I had kindergarten students who liked to stroke my legs and feet.  Can you say creepy?  And one child decided to look up my skirt.  (Wasn’t I glad I was wearing shorts underneath!)

Another one of said children said to me, “Your skin is really smooth.”

*  *  *

This one wasn’t from a student, but from the young niece of one of my friends:

“You’re hurting my daddy!”  (Her daddy wasn’t even there.)

*  *  *

I taught science at summer camp for several years.  One project we did was bottle rockets, pumped full of air using a bicycle pump.  Those rockets sure went high!  One 1st grade camper described it this way: “It went so high it went up to heaven, but it didn’t touch the dead people.”

*  *  *

There you have it, folks!  Kids are funny, and sometimes just plain weird.


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