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On Dress Codes


I do not care what you are wearing when you are lounging around at home.  If I see you out in a public place looking like one of the People of Walmart I will simply shudder and turn away.  But, for the love of all that is good and decent in this world, dress appropriately when you go to school or work.

I recently read on Facebook an article about a high school senior who went bra-less to school.  A male teacher complained to the principal that it made him feel uncomfortable, and the girl was called into the principal’s office.  The girl’s reaction was, naturally, to complain on social media.  A torrent of comments denounced the teacher for being a perv for noticing and/or feeling uncomfortable and against the sexual objectification of young women in school.

So…the teacher is a perv for noticing a female student isn’t wearing a bra.  Then why isn’t she a perv for not wearing one?

Her justification for not wearing a bra was: the school dress code doesn’t say she has to wear a bra.  Reasoning like that is the reason for dress codes to begin with!  If you can’t figure out that you should wear a bra when you go to school, then someone needs to teach you how to dress appropriately, because clearly you don’t know how.

I’ve been a teacher at three different private schools, and all of them have ridiculously specific dress codes.  These dress codes detail the necklines, fit, cut, and sometimes even pattern of appropriate clothing for work.  Some even specified that you must wear the appropriate undergarments.

At first, I was shocked at being told I must wear underwear to work.  Isn’t this just common sense?  I wondered.  Are there really people who have to be told to wear underwear to work?  My experience has taught me that yes, there really are such people.

They are the reason dress codes are so long and minutely detailed.  It’s because there really are large numbers of people out there who don’t know how to dress themselves.

I have lost count of the number of young women I’ve seen wearing leggings so thin that I can see their underwear, sometimes even to the point that I can see the pattern on their panties.  I’ve seen a kindergarten teacher show up to work sporting camel toe.  And yet people wonder why leggings aren’t considered pants in most dress codes.

If you actually have to be told that camel toe is inappropriate at work (particularly when teaching 5 year old children), perhaps you should find a new line of work better suited to your fashion sense, such as stripping.

In conclusion, do not complain about dress codes while amply demonstrating why you need one.



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