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Ad Hominem Attacks


Today I wrote a blog post, after almost a year of not blogging.  I wrote about the need for dress codes at schools and in the workplace.  A friend of mine posted a link on his Facebook page (which I really do appreciate), and within hours the comments there were filled with ad hominem attacks.

This type of attack is the reason I stopped blogging.  It’s infuriating, disheartening, and exhausting to deal with people who act like they want to discuss the topic, but actually resort to calling you names.

Here are some verbatim examples from commenters on my most recent post:

  • I think we are tired of 50s clothing Macarthyism
  • I really, REALLY tried to read it with an open mind but the writer lost me really quick. Not that we disagreed, but the condescension towards youth and the logical failures.
  • This treads into the territory of blaming the victim of rape for wearing revealing clothing or blaming the unconscious person at a party for getting sexually assaulted because she or he dared to be present when a sexual urge came about.
  • I’m surprised a woman wrote that

Also, accusing me of saying something I didn’t say: “COME ON! Deciding against wearing a bra does not make one a pervert! Criminy!”, when actually I was pointing out that it’s unfair to call the teacher a pervert for observing reality.

So, did you get all that?  I’m backwards, condescending, illogical, a traitor to my sex, and perpetuating rape culture.  All because I think underwear should be worn and camel toe is inappropriate for the workplace.

Earlier post: https://selfeducatedconservative.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/on-dress-codes/


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