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Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Pt. 1


Jan '14-Feb '14 030

I love Star Wars.

I really can’t say that enough, so I’ll say it again: I love Star Wars.

And there’s this exhibit that’s been touring the country, of Star Wars models, props, and costumes.  My husband and I went to see it when it came our way, and we spent hours there.  And took tons of pictures.

 Jan '14-Feb '14 029

I was a kid when the original trilogy was re-released in theaters, and my dad was so excited to take his kids to see them.  I didn’t really understand why he was so excited, and then I saw the movies.  And since then, I haven’t been able to get enough of Star Wars.

Maybe some of you are the same way.  Anyway, I thought I’d start out with some ships and other transportation, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Jan '14-Feb '14 031

This x-wing model was truly a wonder to behold.

Jan '14-Feb '14 046

As was the Millennium Falcon.  I nearly teared up!

Jan '14-Feb '14 044

This model is massive!

Jan '14-Feb '14 032

Star destroyer

Jan '14-Feb '14 062

Luke’s landspeeder.  Less exciting, but still cool.  This one fits real people.

Jan '14-Feb '14 068

Sebulba’s pod racer

Jan '14-Feb '14 066

Hate on the new trilogy all you like; when I saw Episode I, all I wanted to do was build a pod racer in my backyard.

Jan '14-Feb '14 050

Here’s me, having a blast on Tatooine.  The shirt I’m wearing, by the way, is here.



  1. Mikey Gee says:

    What was really cool for me was introducing my nephews to Star Wars and watching how thirty years later it still was able to capture their imagination.

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