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Morning Person


I am very much a morning person.  It’s especially fun to be a cheerful morning person around grumpy not-morning people.  It’s a power trip to be incredibly obnoxious just by being cheerful.  In fact, they make me want to be even more cheerful.

But I have my limits.  Not all hours of the morning were created equal.  Some of them were most certainly designated for sleep.  Here’s my breakdown:

Before 4 a.m.: It’s still nighty-night time.  Go away.

Between 4 and 5 a.m.: There better be a darn good reason to make me get up this early.  Or you might be vaporized by my glare.

Between 5 and 5:30: Noooooo I don’t want to get up!!!!!  Okay, fine.  If I have to.  Just a few more minutes?

Between 5:30 and 6: All right, all right.  I’m up.

Between 6 and 7: Rise and shine!  The early bird gets the worm!  Let’s get this day started!

Between 7 and 8: Okay, well, it’s nice to sleep in some of the time.

Between 8 and 9: Come on, get up, you slugabed!  The day’s wasting!

After 9 a.m.: What is wrong with you?  Get up already!

I don’t think I was naturally this way.  I remember as a child, my mom waking me up one Saturday morning.  “Where are we going?” I asked groggily, not remembering any reason I needed to be up early.  “No where,” my mom replied, “it’s just time to get up!”

Four years in high school of getting up at 5 a.m. for Seminary (Mormon version of Bible study) created an internal clock that forces me up in the morning, whether or not I’m still tired.  Being a teacher and at school by 7:30 every day has assuredly cemented it.  I can’t sleep past 9 if I try.  The only way to sleep even that late is to be completely exhausted and/or sleep-deprived.  And, once I’m awake, it doesn’t matter if it’s 6 a.m. on a Saturday.  My body refuses to go back to sleep.

All in all, I really like being a morning person, especially if I can be out of doors in the early morning.  The world is so quiet, the air crisp, and everything feels fresh and clean.  I feel more like I can take on the day than when I sleep in.  (My version of sleeping in, of course, is to about 7:30.)  I’m more productive in the mornings, and I feel happier on days when I get up and going than on days I lie in bed.  I can’t even stay in pajamas.  I feel an urgent need to get up, shower, and dress, even if I’m not going anywhere that day.

Conversely, early to rise means early to bed.  Here’s the breakdown of that:

9:00 p.m.: Bed time.  Yes, really.

9-10: Just one more (chapter, blog post, episode of Dr. Who) then I’ll go to bed.

10-11: Tomorrow better be Saturday if I’m staying up this late!

Past 11: Zzzzzzzzz….


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