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Fashion Tips from 2nd Graders


One of the awesome things about being around kids is the things they say.  They have no filters!  They say whatever pops into their darling heads.  Some of it is quite funny.

For my first two years of teaching, I taught 2nd grade.  They had very definite ideas about my appearance, and shared their thoughts freely.  Here is their accumulated fashion wisdom:

  • When I had long hair, I usually had it up in a ponytail.  One day I happened to take it down, and my kids positively gasped.  “You look so pretty!” one exclaimed, and several others voiced their agreement.  I took it as highly flattering, despite coming from seven year olds.
  • I look better with my glasses on than off.  Granted, that’s because they’re used to seeing me with glasses, but it was actually kind of nice to hear anyway, since I don’t always like my appearance with glasses.  (I admit to taking them off many times for pictures!)
  • I should have bangs.  Not sure where this one came from.  Apparently my students have Photoshop in their heads.
  • I look prettier in skirts than in pants.  Actually, I think they were on to something with this one.  I’ve tried out their advice this school, with the addition of tights now that the weather is getting colder.  Side note: wearing heavy tights means I can wear a skirt without shaving my legs!

There haven’t been any fashion tips from my kindergarteners yet.  If I get any, I’ll be sure to pass them along; I’m sure you dying to hear about the height of fashion according to 5 year olds.




  1. I absolutely love the honesty in the classroom. Especially when they sit beneath your feet on the floor for stories and start asking why your toenail Polish is all chipped and why you’ve worn the same boots 3 days in a row! Haha… Their opinions def to make you think about your choices!

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