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The Sins of the Father: White Guilt


I am white.  In the wintertime, I get so pale, that ghosts are afraid of me.

I am Christian and conservative.  Very much of both.

I’m also not racist.  I would give as evidence all the friends I have who are not white, but I don’t feel the need to justify myself.

Okay, now I’ve got that out of the way, we can get on with things.

It is said to be a universal experience for religious Christians to feel a lot of guilt for their sins. I’ve heard the phrases “Mormon guilt” and “Catholic guilt” to demonstrate this.  (I won’t speak for other religions, but maybe someone who reads this can.)

I, however, only need to feel guilty for my own sins, my own mistakes.  And, if I repent and try to be better, I can be forgiven, and then I don’t have to feel guilty anymore.  Catholics believe that mankind has an inherently sinful nature, thanks to Adam and Eve, but, even so, just go to confession regularly, and all is well.  No more guilt.  Granted, making mistakes and repenting of them is a cycle that will continue our whole lives, but there is no reason to be trapped feeling guilt for years over one mistake.

Really, it’s not all that bad.

When it comes to feeling guilty, us Christians have nothing on liberals.

Like I said, I only have to feel guilty for my own mistakes.  If I were a liberal, I would also have to feel guilty for my successes, because, after all, they must all be due to “white privilege,” and have little or nothing to do with any merits of my own.

Clearly, I was able to graduate in the top 10% of my high school class, graduate Summa Cum Laude from a university (which I paid for, by the way, with help from my husband), and find a reasonably well-paying job in a field I love all because the United States, like almost the entire world, if not all of it, practiced slavery in the past.  Clearly, I would never have amounted to anything if only the United States had never practiced state-sanctioned segregation.

I would also have to feel guilty for every cruelty, indignity, and unfairness ever done by a white person to a non-white person.  That is way worse than being guilty of the sins of Adam and Eve.  All they did was eat a piece of fruit.

I’m really glad my sense of morality only requires me to treat others as I want to be treated.  I try to treat strangers with courtesy, and my friends with regard and affection.  Even when others are rude to me, I try (though don’t always succeed) to be kind in return, or at least polite.  Or at least with indifference.

All the same, it’s much easier than constantly being  fearful of giving offense in my slightest word or deed, responding sycophantically to everything that comes out of a liberal’s mouth, apologizing for history, and trying to be the fastest and most emphatic person to praise other cultures.

Seriously, praise of non-white cultures has become a fetish.  The value of their contributions to things like medicine and literature don’t really matter.   Practicing human sacrifice and slavery don’t matter (such is the case with many tribes of the hugely-idealized Native Americans).  What matters is that they’re not white.

Not to in any way imply that a culture has to be white in order to be of value.  Rather, if we are going to say that being white does not make a culture inherently better, than we must also say that being non-white doesn’t make it inherently better.

As a Christian, I believe I will be judged by God.  You know, the guy who knows everything, including our innermost thoughts.  He will decide how guilty I am.  Plus, I get Jesus Christ as my lawyer (1 John 2:1).

The judge of liberals, on the other hand, is the media.  And we all know that they never jump to conclusions.  Oh, and you don’t get a lawyer.  You can be accused, judged, and sentenced all on Twitter, without the need for the inconvenience of a trial.

Well, at least I’m not a man.  Then my feelings of guilt would never end!  I get a pass on some of the guilt, since women, of course, have also been horribly oppressed, and now we deserve special consideration until the end of the world.

Good thing I’m not a liberal.  All that guilt must be exhausting.  No wonder people are so quick to call each other racist – it helps alleviate their overwhelming feelings of white guilt.

I refuse to feel guilty for the actions of other people, especially people who died a long time ago.  I have ancestry that traces back to Germany; should I feel guilty to belong to the same ethnicity as Hitler?  No!  Of course not!  That would be absurd.  Likewise, there is no actual reason to feel guilty for a slave owner during pre-Civil War America or a store owner who refused serve an African American in the 60s.  If I didn’t perform, aid, or condone those actions, then I bear no guilt.  Simple as that.

We also don’t need to give minorities special treatment, just the same treatment as everyone else.  I don’t change my behavior towards others based on their skin color.

I wish we could live by the actual meaning of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”  We’re still waiting for the realization of all his dreams, particularly this one:  “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  (Read the whole speech here.)

College, financial aid, and job applications shouldn’t even ask about race.  That way, everyone gets judged based on their merits.  That would be true color blindness.

You know the phrase “driving while black”?  It’s purpose is to point out racism – that the assumption a black person driving a car is up to no good, is blatantly stereotyping.  Well, I’ve got a new phrase: “disagreeing with a liberal while white.”  Anyone who does this is must be a racist.

Of course, whites aren’t the only ones called racist.  Black conservatives are “sell outs,” “traitors” and “Uncle Toms.”  Latino conservatives “aren’t really Latino.”  So the real sin, apparently, is being conservative.



  1. Mikey Gee says:

    Not super important to the post but the idea of Adam’s sins being spread to all of mankind is not specific to Catholics but is almost universal among Christian denominations.

    • And will no doubt be added fuel to your assertion that I’m “not really a Christian.”

      • Mikey Gee says:

        No it will not. There are some Christian denominations who don’t think human nature is sinful. I think they are wrong and reading scripture wrong (or ignoring it) but still can hold on to the truth about Jesus.

        We disagree about the definition of a Christian and as far as I can tell you don’t (or at least shouldn’t) regard me as a Christian either. Whatever we are (Christian or not) we believe in something essentially distinct.

        That doesn’t mean I don’t like or respect you. It just means we are different religions.

  2. Mikey Gee says:

    I wasn’t looking to scrape about the definition of a Christian but just to say that many different denominations believe the Bible when it says that Adam’s sin infected all of mankind and that human nature had become intrinsically different from God.

    Not all Christian denominations teach this but the majority do and there is an unbroken tradition of this particular theological point at least as far back as Jesus to the present.

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