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Random Instagram Photos


I like experimenting with Instagram, though I don’t do it very often.

I don’t usually end up with very high quality photos, but they look cool and exotic.

IAug. 2013 008

Going through the car wash!

Aug. 2013 010

I love frozen yogurt, but especially Tutti Frutti.  I get to eat ice cream but it’s healthier, because really it’s froyo.  My husband thought I was weird until he tried it, too, and now he’s an addict. I like to put lots of toppings on mine, but mostly strawberries and granola.  And sometimes crushed Oreos.

Aug. 2013 001

Playing Monopoly with my nephew.  If he manages to get this monopoly, I know he’s going to slaughter me.

Aug. 2013 002

The nephew and I after a wild night out on the town.

Aug. 2013 004

Oh yeah.  It’s over.

Aug. 2013 006

My first time trying Toffifay. Oh my gosh.  It was so good.

I was just going to eat one, and save the rest for later.

But that totally did not happen.


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