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This Liberal College is All About Tolerance…


Audrey Jarvis goes to school at Sonoma State University. She got a job for SSU’s Associated Student Productions, helping out with an orientation for incoming Freshman.

She is also a Christian. A Catholic, to be precise.

Ms. Jarvis wears a cross necklace regularly, as a reminder of her faith. Faith in Jesus, apparently, is not acceptable at Sonoma State. While working on the orientation, her supervisor told her to remove the necklace. Apparently, it might “offend” the incoming Freshmen, making them feel unwelcome.

Apparently, whether or not his actions might offend Ms. Jarvis and make her feel unwelcome was unimportant.

The really funny part is this statement, which can be found on SSU’s website, (here) :

“It is fundamental to our mission to promote a civil, respectful, and inclusive community, and to oppose acts of racism, religious intolerance, sexism, ageism, homophobia, harassment, discrimination against those with disabling conditions, or other forms of intolerance. It is the responsibility of all members of the SSU community to create a productive campus climate characterized by considerate and principled conduct.”

So…by “inclusive,” apparently SSU didn’t mean that devout Christians should be included, too. Or maybe opposing “religious intolerance” doesn’t apply to Christians. Or, perhaps “considerate and principled conduct” towards Christians is optional.

It seems that this “tolerance” only applies to certain groups of people. But if that’s true, then “tolerance” isn’t actually very tolerant, is it? It’s like what Inigo Montoya said to the Sicilian: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Ms. Jarvis is being represented by Liberty Institute, a non-profit legal organization dedicated to defending religious liberty.

The university has apologized in front of the media (well, Fox News), and, according to the news article, they are “trying to contact” Ms. Jarvis to apologize directly to her. (Why they would have trouble contacting their own student, I have no idea.) The supervisor has been approached, but no details about the conversation and whether or not he is being disciplined will be revealed.

My guess is the discipline is practically nonexistent.


University Tells Student to Remove Cross Necklace


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  1. Mikey Gee says:

    The school handled it really well. Probably Jarvis was advised by her lawyers to let them handle all communication which is why the university couldn’t get a hold of her.

    As for the supervisor, there is a lot of ignorant people out there. When I worked at Starbucks my supervisor was a nineteen year old who explained to me that there was a “corporate law against talking about religion at work.” I laughed it off and said if you can talk about how much you drank last night I can talk about going to church. That seemed to satisfy her.

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