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Update: Case Against the Nikolayev Family Dismissed, CPS Audited!


Back in April, CPS kidnapped Sammy Nikolayev from his parents, Alex and Anna, after a “tip” that the child was not getting the care he needed.  The tip came from a doctor who was offended when Mr. and Mrs. Nikolayev wanted a second opinion about the doctor’s proposed surgery on baby Sammy.

In early May, Mr. and Mrs. Nikolayev got their son back, but only if they allowed him to be taken to Stanford for the surgery and allowed the CPS to spy on them to make sure Sammy was “safe.”  The parents vowed that they would continue to fight the corrupt system that kidnapped their child.

Mr. and Mrs. Nikolayev went to court to end the visits from CPS, which were mandated to continue for 60 days.  Initially, their court date wasn’t going to be until July 29, a period of 60 days.  I’m sure that wasn’t at all coincidental.  But, there was a possibility that the court would dismiss the case, ending the CPS visits after all.  (See News10.net)

This case prompted Assemblyman Tim Donelly, a Republican, to demand an audit of the CPS.  The family had been mistreated and harassed.  They received no answers for why they were being treated that way, and the CPS agents were accountable to no one.  (See News10.net)

And the CPS will indeed be audited.  The Joint Legislative Audit Committee is going to audit the CPS county by county, hopefully in a meaningful fashion.  In about five to six months, the results of the audit will be submitted to lawmakers who, in theory, at least, will decide on meaningful reforms.  (See News10.net)

I am very glad that the CPS will be audited, but I am dubious of it having positive results.  The audit is being carried out by government bureaucrats, who, in general, are more interested in maintaining the status quo than in bringing about reforms.  And, of course, the CPS is only interested in covering their butts.  Then, of course, lawmakers have to actually agree on something long enough to pass it, and we all have to hope that whatever they agree on is actually something good.

But I’ll try to stay hopeful.

The case against the Nikolayev family was indeed dismissed.  No more CPS visits to the family!  They won’t have to go to trial to get the visits ended.  However, CPS still insists that they did nothing wrong.  Their spin is that since the baby has had his surgery, (which they say only happened because they intervened), they no longer need to visit.

This makes me so angry.  CPS, of course, is hoping that, now that the Nikolayevs have their child back, and will no longer be spied on (by the CPS, at least), the Nikolayevs will just go back to their happy little lives and forget all about the gross invasion of privacy, civil rights, and human decency.

Not so.

The Niklolayevs will continue to push this case, demanding compensation for the nightmare the CPS put them through, and to affect lasting change to the way the CPS does things.

I surely hope they succeed.

CPS Case against Nikolayev family dismissed on Sacandco.net


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