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American Flags


May-June 2013 096

I love my country.  I love our flag, which stands for freedom and the courage to fight for it.

May-June 2013 093

I also love taking pictures, so one of my hobbies has become taking pictures of American flags.

These Colors Don't Run

The words next to the flag read “These Colors Don’t Run”

Americans have fought for freedom many times.  Part of the American conception of patriotism is the willingness to fight for individual liberty.

Don't Tread on Me

This proud heritage began before the United States even existed, when the colonists insisted “Don’t Tread on Me!”

May-June 2013 022

Average, everyday Americans show their love of country and of freedom by flying the proud Star Spangled Banner.

American Flag

It was time for my virtual “home” to fly the American flag too!


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  1. I salute her, and all who have fought under her banner.

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