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Don’t Be Cheeky!


I encountered a word the other day that I simply must start using.  It’s in The Story of Doctor Dolittle, which I’m reading with my second graders.  The word is: cheeky.

My students can be very cheeky.  Currently, I tell them to stop being smart alecs (my mom’s term), but “cheeky” sounds much better.

Examples of my students’ cheekiness:

  • My students love high chews (a fruit flavored chewy candy).  They like to save the wrappers and keep them in their desks.  They trade them like baseball cards.  I find them all over the place.  One day, feeling frustrated with the situation, I burst out, “Where are all these high chews coming from?”  One boy answers, “From the store.”
  • My students were labeling a map of Antarctica, and I had written what they should label on the board.  One girl came up to me, and said, “I can’t find the Transarctic Mountains.  I found the Transantarctic Mountains.”  I went up to the board and fixed my spelling error.

See what I mean?  They’re so cheeky!

Of course, if they are, it is entirely my fault.  They learned it from me.

  • Student: “When are we getting our book reports back?”     Me: “When I’m done grading them.”
  • Student: “When are we going outside?     Me: “When we’re done with our work.”
  • Student: “Can you sharpen my pencil?”     Me: “I can.”  (Pause)     Student: “Will you sharpen my pencil?”    Me: “Sure!”
  • Students: “Spider!” (totally freaking out).     Me: (Smoosh spider with foot.)  “What spider?”     Students: “You just stepped on it!”     Me: “What are you talking about?  There was no spider.  You’re imagining things.  Get back to work.”

So I guess I have no one to blame but myself. 

It’s just part of how I like to be playful with my students.  Sometimes I get annoyed when they give back to me what I dish out to them, but then I smile and marvel at how bright and witty they are.

My students are amazing. 



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  1. Mikey Gee says:

    Yeah I hate when chickens of my constant joking with the nephews and niece comes home to roost. Once they hid after church for a bit too long. They jumped out yelling “surprise” just as I was about to call the police. It was hard to be mad at them because they learned that sort of joke from watching me.

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