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Star Trek: Into Darkness


This is not your parents’ Star Trek.

But then, if you saw the Star Trek that came out in 2009, you already knew that.

To recap: the reboot of the Star Trek franchise stars Chris Pine as a young, rebellious, albeit charming Captain Kirk just getting started in Starfleet.  In the first movie, a Romulan named Nero and his ship, the Narada, have been transported back in time, where he proceeds to destroy the planet Vulcan and then attempts to destroy Earth.  He is stopped by Kirk and all the expected supporting characters, who are awarded with Starfleet’s flagship, the brand new Enterprise.

The 2009 movie literally created a brand new Star Trek storyline.  Basically, everything that happened in every Star Trek t.v. show and movie that came before (except the prequel series Enterprise) never happened.  The franchise started over.  Clean slate.

The reboot also has a completely different feel from the original Star Trek stuff.  It’s much more action-oriented and much more exciting.  The characters don’t stand around and soliloquize about how they’re peaceful explorers until, finally, reluctantly, trading blows with an enemy who is clearly bent on destroying all of humanity.  The reboot also doesn’t have the unrealistic kumbaya communist absurdities about how mankind has abolished all society’s ills, and even the economy.

In my opinion, the reboot is much better.  But then, as a kid, I always preferred Star Wars to Star Trek.  Star Wars was much more realistic about human nature, and it was simply more exciting.

Star Trek is now a true competitor to Star Wars, because, now, it really is exciting.  The new movie is glued-to-your-seat, nail-biting intense.

After watching the first movie, I realized that, because of the clean slate, the characters will have to travel back in time again to bring back humpback whales to communicate with that alien probe from Star Trek IV.  After all, the humpback whales are still going to go extinct.

Well, in Into Darkness, they don’t bring back the humpback whales, but they do reincarnate another storyline with an iconic Star Trek villain.  I won’t say anymore, though, in case you haven’t seen the new movie yet.  But I will say that it is awesome.

The storyline has lots of fun twists, and gives you enough clues to guess at what’s coming up, but enough unpredictability to keep it interesting.  Most of the movie is very fast-paced.  There’s also good character development and lots of snarky, fun dialogue.  Benedict Cumberbatch is an excellent villain, intimidating and nuanced, and Kirk and his crew all give stellar performances.  And, finally, the ship has seat belts!

All in all, this movie is a must see.

In case you were wondering, the first word after a colon gets capitalized, so “Into” in the movie’s title should start with a capital letter.


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  1. Miley Gee says:

    “They should have sent a poet.” That’s rich!

    But you forgot about all of the blasphemies against canon Star Trek movies which were designed to chase away stuck up Trekkie purists! Those were the best.

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