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9/11 Monument in Las Vegas


Summer '12 075

Did you know that there is a 9/11 monument in Las Vegas?  On the Strip, no less?

Summer '12 078

It’s in front of the casino New York, New York, right by their replica Statue of Liberty

Summer '12 071

When my husband and I went to Vegas for vacation last summer, we wondered if New York, New York would have any mention of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers.

Summer '12 077

We were gratified to see that there was.

Summer '12 079

In front of the American flag were several plaques with quotes about liberty, and what we must do to win and keep it.

Summer '12 081

There were also t-shirts from the volunteer firefighters who went in to help enclosed in glass.

Summer '12 074

We spent quite a long while looking at this monument, remembering this American tragedy and the sacrifices of brave individuals who helped when others were helpless.

Summer '12 072


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  1. Every time I see this sort of thing, I get really angry. Justice has not been served and yet we go about our lives, more than a decade later, as if we’ve really “moved on”. I’ll definitely be checking out this monument on my next visit (NYNY is my favorite hotel) but I don’t want us to get so caught up in the “never forgetting” as to forget the huge list of unanswered questions surrounding this event. Have a look at my recent post for some insight on this issue, if you’re interested:


    Kind regards.

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