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Schools Forced to Let Boys into Girls’ Locker Rooms


The California State Assembly has just passed a law stating that schools must allow boys or girls who identify as the opposite sex (transgender) must be allowed into that other gender’s sports teams, locker rooms, and bathrooms.

This bill passed without any affirmative votes from Republican lawmakers.  The Democrats can pass whatever they want, and they know it.

The supposed goal of this legislation, according to the bill’s author, Tom Ammiano, is “…to protect our children from prejudice” and so they don’t “…suffer from stigmatization and isolation.”

A girl who feels like she’s a boy and so goes into the boys’ locker room will face nothing but bullying and harassment.  It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if she was sexually assaulted.  How exactly will that protect her from prejudice and prevent her from suffering stigmatization and isolation?  (Please note, I’m am most definitely not condoning such behavior, merely pointing out its inevitability.  Many schools have already proven themselves incapable of protecting students from bullying.)

A boy who feels like he’s a girl and decided to act upon it by changing in the girls’ locker room, playing on the girls’ softball team, etc., is likely to meet the same sort of treatment.

Of course, students with normal gender identities (that is to say, their feelings match their physiology), are likely to feel intensely uncomfortable with a student of the opposite sex in their bathrooms and locker rooms.  When I was in middle and high school, I didn’t even want to change in front of other girls.  No way would I have been comfortable changing in front of a boy.  Adolescence is already an awkward, confusing, and embarrassing time; must we really make it worse?

Neither of those concerns comes even close to the seriousness of the next point I bring up: it allows students easy access to the opposite sex.  All a boy has to do is claim that he’s transgender, and he’ll be allowed into the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.

You might say that sounds far-fetched, but, honestly, how is anyone going to prevent abuse of this policy when all we’re talking about is someone’s feelings?

California has now given teenaged sexual predators easy access to vulnerable teenaged girls.  That is a frightening and disturbing thought.

Imagine an 18 year old young man in the same locker room as a 14 year old girl.  Think about how vulnerable she is.  You can call it fear-mongering if you like, but under this law, it is in fact a possibility.

Ammiano described this bill as “a recognition that other people have the same rights that you do.”  He is completely twisting the idea of equal rights.  Students have a right to access to the locker rooms, bathrooms, and available sports teams in accordance with their biology.  Why should “identifying” with the opposite gender mean you have the “right” to go into their locker rooms and be on their sports teams?  Say a transgender boy plays on the girls’ softball team; biologically, he is still larger and stronger than most of the girls, giving him an unfair advantage.

No amount of “feeling” and “identifying” changes your biology.

Democrats are dictating what must be taught in schools, down to every detail.  Most of it is liberal indoctrination.  It is long past time for parents to take back responsibility for raising and teaching their children.

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