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Big Brother in the UK Wants to Turn Off Your Electronics Remotely


We are all urged to conserve energy.  We’re given tips like turning off the lights when you leave the room, turn down your heater at night, and unplugging electronics when they’re not in use.

But what if this doesn’t work, and your society still faces energy blackouts?  How about you just turn their electronics off for them!

Yes, really.

The European Network Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) came up with the clever idea of mandating that all washers, dryers, refrigerators, and the like, made in the future come with little sensors.  These sensors would allow a “national body” (in other words, a government bureaucrat) to turn your appliances off at will.  34 other European countries are also considering the proposal.

It’s all in the name of saving energy, which, of course, allows for any manner of trespass, since it’s all in the name of saving the planet from the machinations of greedy Mankind.

This measure is ostensibly for preventing blackouts.  Apparently large-scale blackouts are an issue in the UK, due to an inability for the supply to meet the demand.

Apparently, the problem is with green energy, specifically, with wind turbines.  Apparently they’re not very reliable, which leads to blackouts.

Here’s an idea: develop more reliable energy sources instead of using wind energy!

Instead, the UK plans to expand green energy to 20% of all electricity generated.

Officials claim that appliances would only be shut off for a few seconds, and only if they really needed to do it.  Yes, that’s very comforting.

Even if they really were sincere in these claims, that is simply too much power to allow government to have.  Suppose this year’s politicians are really honest and well-meaning, what about next year’s?  Can you guarantee that no one else would abuse this power?  Can you even guarantee that you will remain trustworthy after having this power for awhile?

Ultimately, the proposal would increase prices for appliances and energy, harming the economy for the sake of green energy that isn’t very reliable anyway, and allowing further government intrusion into citizens’ private lives.

Fridges could be switched off without owner’s consent to reduce strain on power stations – The Telegraph


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