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CPS Kidnaps Infant from Sacramento Family


Alex and Anna Nikolayev, who live in Sacramento, have a five month old baby boy, Sammy.  Sammy has a heart murmur, which was being treated through regular visits to Sutter Memorial Hospital.

One day, they took him to see the doctor for flu-like symptoms.  The nurse gave Sammy antibiotics.  When questioned by the parents, the nurse couldn’t say why she was giving the baby the antibiotics.  When Mr. and Mrs. Nikolayev talked to the doctor, he said Sammy shouldn’t have been given the medicine.

Later, doctors recommended performing heart surgery on the baby.  Anna and Alex, already uncomfortable with the care Sammy was receiving at Sutter, wanted to get a second opinion first.  The doctors didn’t appreciate being questioned by a patient.

Without a discharge, Mr. and Mrs. Nikolayev took Sammy to Kaiser, where he was examined by a doctor.  The doctor said Sammy did not need surgery, and  could go home with his parents.  Police officers came to Kaiser, but when they heard the doctor’s verdict, they left the family alone.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough for Child Protective Services.  They, aided by police officers, assaulted Mr. Nikolayev, forcibly gained entry to the house, and kidnapped Sammy.  CPS claims Sammy was taken from his parents because of “severe neglect.”

How has Sammy been neglected?  His parents, clearly concerned for his health, have provided competent medical care for their child.  Their only “crime” was leaving Sutter for Kaiser.

Who notified CPS?  Obviously, a Sutter employee, probably the doctor who was miffed over the Nikolayev’s lack of trust in him or her.

As petty and childish as such behavior is, that isn’t the main issue.

The main issue is Child Protective Services using force to kidnap a well-cared for child.  They didn’t bother to investigate – they relied solely upon the report from Sutter Memorial.  They didn’t even talk reasonably with the parents.  They skipped right to using brute force.

Parents rights no longer exist.  You only have your children until the government decides they know better than you how to care for them.

The Nikolayevs are waiting to hear from a judge on whether or not they will get their son back.  They have to prove to a government official that they can care for their son, when CPS had no reasonable cause to take Sammy in the first place. (The hearing took place this morning.)

Their story has also been featured in Russian and German news.  The consul general in San Francisco representing Russia attended the hearing as well.

If we make Russia look good, it is well past time to examine the direction our country is heading.

News Articles:

Sacramento couple fights to get their baby boy back from authorities (News10ABC)

Parents, global audience await decision in Sacramento custody case (News10ABC)



  1. I can’t help but make the comparison……….. knowing what I know, knowing that the states sanction child protective service (CPS) in their wrongful actions, their ignorance of “best practice policy standards” and outright violations of federal laws and constitutional rights.

    How long will society be passive and look the other way? Until it happens to them…………in the words of many “Remember Auschwitz…..”

    In Rosenberg’s description of a communities perception of the survivors of Auschwitz, he states “The survivors looked like they did well. They didn’t see how damaged they were, within……”

    As Rosenberg further reflects on a common question of, why did the Jews just seemingly comply? he explains “… the people in the Ghettos did not understand, it was incomprehensible…..people later blamed the Jewish counsel for walking like lambs to the slaughter, not making resistance, I think they underestimate the incomprehensibility of all this, and of course, also the notion, or the idea that the Germans could be negotiated with. You sacrifice some and save others. A terrible moral decision in itself….”

    Why do parents, who are not guilty of abuse, comply with Child Protective Services? They agree to services, and they agree to cooperate, and even agree to plead guilty, because they are told that they will get their children back sooner. Because, they believe, that agents are “reasonable,” caring people who can be negotiated with. Because they can’t comprehend that that this is possible in the United States of America. Because they look around and see society disbelieving of their innocence, and saying “there must be a reason.”

    These survivors, like those “survivors” of families that have had their children wrongfully taken by the state, search for meaning of their destruction, and their survival. Separations by Child Protective Services were and are both physically and brutal emotionally, as were the separations of the victims of the holocaust. Families are forever left with invisible scars, and some families needlessly are forever separated.

    Rosenberg closes poignantly, stating “Before Auschwitz you couldn’t imagine Auschwitz, and after Auschwitz you know it’s a possibility, and then you know something about ourselves, we are capable of Auschwitz. And that is what we should remember. Because we are no other people than those people. The holocaust was undoubtedly a result of German developments, German policies. Unfortunately, Hitler was a popular fuhrer, so a large part of the German people were accomplices, actively or passively…”

    Lucky survivors, of state intervention say the same. BEFORE CPS, you couldn’t imagine that the state, or a person could take children for no reason. AFTER CPS, you know it’s a possibility…………. Like the holocaust, CPS too is a result of developents and policies, and society has bought into the sales pitch, the poison, of “saving” abused children. CPS will minimize their egregious actions by stating that sacrifices must be made in order to save others……….

    And, as Rosenberg says “Also that large parts of Europe, the Germans had quite an easy task of gathering the Jews, mainly, there were many willing people, bystanders actively willing to do that, so the poison was there all over…..”

    Child protective workers too, have quite an easy task of gathering children, mainly, because there are many willing people, bystanders, actively willing to report suspected abuse (as mandated by their profession under threat of conviction for NOT reporting), and others who passively will believe “there must be a reason.” And, still many others who actively profit directly by being providers of the services mandated by CPS.

    We need to remember Auschwitz……..

    by Linda Chalmers

  2. […] in April, CPS kidnapped Sammy Nikolayev from his parents, Alex and Anna, after a “tip” that the child was not getting the care […]

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