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Artsy Nature Photos


Mar & Apr, 2013 035

I love taking pictures.  I take pictures of family and friends, special occasions, vacations, things that make me smile, and just to entertain myself.

Mar & Apr, 2013 163

More recently, I’ve been getting into photography as an art form, so I’ve started experimenting with taking pictures of flowers and stuff when I go out, trying to become a better photographer.

Mar & Apr, 2013 164

I don’t have any formal training or a fancy camera; I just have personal experience, stuff I’ve read on line, and a point and shoot.

Mar & Apr, 2013 044

I thought I’d post some of my favorite “artsy” pictures here and see if anyone else has any thoughts.  I’m eager to learn, so I’m open to constructive criticism.

Mar & Apr, 2013 038Mar & Apr, 2013 037 Mar & Apr, 2013 010 Mar & Apr, 2013 019


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