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Happy Earth Day, Comrades!


As a child I thought Earth Day sounded like such a nice holiday; go plant trees and appreciate the beautiful Earth we have.  Now, I still think it’s a harmless enough holiday, despite it being totally Communist.

I thought I would do a post about the Communist green movement and the origins of Earth Day, which would probably convince any leftist who reads this blog that I am a hopelessly right-wing nut, but I don’t feel I have anything new to contribute to this topic.  (Check out the related articles at the bottom if you’re willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and assume I’m not crazy.)

Instead, I decided to write about:

Movies that Exist For the Sole Purpose of Environmentalist Propaganda

  • Pocahontas – Okay, since it’s a Disney princess movie (which I really do love), it also exists for the amazing music.  I mean, who wouldn’t love an individualist Native American princess with cute animal friends who stands up to her own father for true love?  Never mind that he was almost 30 and she was actually only about 11.
  • Fern Gully, the Last Rainforest – Much as I loved this movie as a child, it really is just environmental propaganda wrapped up in cuteness.  Mankind is chopping down the forest, and, after one gets shrunk down to fairy-size, he tries to help the fairy Crysta stop the lumberjacks from chopping down the tree that hold Hexxus, the ancient spirit of construction.  Hexxus was trapped in a magical tree by a fairy priestess, but he’s released when the tree is chopped down, and it can be chopped down by a standard-issue logging machine?  That’s not very impressive magic, and it sounds like the priestess should have thought her plan through a little better.
  • WALL-E – Honestly, I don’t see the appeal in this movie.  It’s cute enough, but it’s really not all that interesting.  I mean, how on earth does a movie that mostly consists of electronic beeps win the Nebula Award for best script?  Capitalism and big business are the source of all evil in this make-believe world.  The depiction of humans as imbeciles who follow any fad they see advertised and too lazy to do anything for themselves is a big turn-off, too.
  • The Lorax – I knew this movie would also be pure propaganda, but I had no idea it would be so explicit.  The main villain is the owner of a very large business, who comes up with the idea of selling bottled air.  The factories to make the bottles will create more pollution, which will create more demand for his bottled air!  This goes far beyond encouraging children to pick up their trash, recycle, and, in general, respect the environment.  It teaches children that capitalism is evil, plain and simple.
  • Avatar – Naked blue aliens in a pristine jungle, trying to protect it from the evil humans who will destroy the planet by mining for unobtanium.  (Seriously, you couldn’t think of a better name for it?)  There’s even a world tree.  I mean, how many movies was James Cameron ripping off?  There were literally no plot twists I didn’t see coming.  Props on the amazing special effects, utter failure on originality.  Obviously, the Na’vi were meant to be symbolic for Native Americans, but the analogy kind of falls down when you realize the real Native Americans weren’t driven out and exterminated by private companies, but by our wonderful federal government that only taxes us to help the poor and oppressed.
  • Epic – This one hasn’t come out yet (coming to a theater near you May 23rd), but its agenda is clear from the trailer.  Mary Katherine finds herself shrunk down to the size of the leafmen, guardians of the forest, and is impressed in their war against evil.  Sound familiar?  Seriously, can these environmental propagandists at least come up with an original story line?

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Did I leave any movies out?  T.V. shows are fair game, too.  Let me know in the comments!


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