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Movies That Probably Don’t Deserve My Love


Are there any movies you really, really love, even though you know they aren’t that great?  The might be campy or cheesy, or have really bad acting, or really awful special effects.

Most of the movies I really like that aren’t actually very good fall into the cheesy and cutesy category.  I love them in spite of their flaws.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Lockout – The president’s daughter went on a fact-finding mission of sorts to a space station prison, and there’s a breakout, and a man convicted of espionage is sent to go save her.  Fun movie,  good chemistry between the actors, not much storyline, and lots of great one-liners.  My favorite is: “Here’s an apple and a gun.  Don’t talk to strangers; shoot them.”  (Soon after that: “Give me that!  It’s not even loaded.”)
  • A Knight’s Tale – Based on a story from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, with Chaucer as a character, a commoner impersonates a knight to become a jousting champion, winning the heart of a fair maiden in the process.  The anachronistic costuming, dance scene, and music are sometimes criticized, but I find them endearing.
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – Two con men compete for the money of a young, beautiful heiress, only to be conned by her instead!  Definitely cheesy and campy, and very over the top, but super cute.
  • Oceans Twelve – It’s very different from Ocean’s Eleven, which initially turned me off, but after accepting it for what it is, I find it a very entertaining movie.  Still not as good as Oceans Eleven or Oceans Thirteen, though.
  • One for the Money – A very quirky and surprisingly hilarious movie about a naive bounty hunter hunting down a wanted man accused of murder, to whom she had lost her virginity in high school.
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – I read and loved the series as a teenager, and was so excited to see it made into a movie!  The special effects are super cheesy, but it was fantastic to hear “So long and thanks for all the fish” in song.  I’m also happy they gave poor long-suffering Arthur a happy ending.
  • Ghostrider -I was never into superhero movies, but Ghostrider made me excited about superhero movies.  Which is kind of weird, since the ghostrider isn’t really a good guy; he’s cursed by the devil to collect souls.

I’m sure I could think of some more, but I’ve go to go.  What “bad” movies do you love?  Share them in the comments!


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