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Confessions of a Former World of Warcraft Addict


My husband got me into this game while we were dating.  He loved that game, so I’m pretty sure not liking World of Warcraft was on his list of “deal breakers.”

I got really into it.

We started playing when it was just vanilla WoW – no fancy expansions.  The Alliance didn’t have shamans and the Horde didn’t have paladins.  There were no blood elves or space aliens.  Only dwarf priests had fear ward.

I played a dwarf priest.  A female dwarf priest.  The only PC (player character) dwarf priest on the entire server.  Probably the only one in the world…of Warcraft.

Anyway, playing was a rush, especially really tough fights.  I loved playing with other players.   My husband’s friends on the game helped me level my character to max level quickly so I could play with them.

I quickly discovered what aspect of the game I liked best: healing other players so they wouldn’t die during a fight.  And I got really good at it.  The average player best likes to do damage to the baddies, so it was really easy to find other people who wanted to play with me.

Playing became an obsession.  When I wasn’t playing, I was talking with my husband or friends who played about playing.  Or I was thinking about playing.  I would make plans about what I was going to do the next time I played.

My playing habit started creeping towards dysfunction.

When the first expansion, Burning Crusade, came out, my husband and I were so excited.  We camped out in front of our local Game Stop for the midnight release.  As soon as we had it, we went home and started installing.  As soon as it was installed, we started playing.

We went to bed sometime around four in the morning.

I played that game all week.  Fortunately, I didn’t have a job at the time.  I was, however, in college.

I missed the first week of school.

Yes, really.

I was so excited about a video game that I actually forgot about my classes.  I was horrified to realize my error, and immediately e-mailed all my professors, to convince them with my zeal that I did intend to actually go to class and to please not drop me.  Naturally, I left out the part about missing class for a video game.

It was then that I realized I might have a bit of a problem.  So I cut back on my gaming.  I had to, after all, since I had classes to attend.

The expansion was fun and exciting.  Then came the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.  This one was less fun and exciting.  Finally, because of a series of changes in the game which left us feeling disenchanted, my husband and I quit shortly before the third expansion, Cataclysm.

I felt a bit lost without my video game.  I tried Dungeons and Dragons: Online and Lord of the Rings Online, both free to play.  They kept me entertained for awhile, but weren’t really a substitute.

I even sank so low as to devote a large amount of my time to Facebook games.

Then there was wonderful news: a new Star Wars mmorpg, called The Old Republic.  I was so excited!  Finally, a satisfying substitute for World of Warcraft, right?

For awhile.  I got tired of that game, too, mostly because I didn’t have a ready-made group of friends to play with.

Next I got a Wii and was really into that.  For awhile.  I still become briefly obsessed with it every now and then.

Now I am game-less.  It’s probably a good thing that I’ve gotten over my video game obsession.  It leaves more time for other things…like blogging.

All the same, I still miss World of Warcraft.  I miss those early days when everything was new and exciting and I had experienced players helping me out, and as I gained competency I became a pretty awesome player.

The game I loved doesn’t actually exist anymore – the creators have made so many changes.

But I miss the rush.  And my friends.  And being really good at something.

But mostly the rush.


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