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The Most Ineffective Method For Reducing Crime


How can we reduce crime?  It’s a really important question – I’m sure we all (at least, those of us who aren’t criminals) want to keep our families and streets safe.

But just how do we go about doing it?

There are many different opinions on that.  Some people think we need more laws, or police officers, or CCWs, or harsher punishments for offenders.  Others think we need signs like this:

Mar 23, 2013 002

Yes, I’m sure that’s going to be really effective.

Drug dealers, thieves, rapists, and other bad guys will see this sign and think, “Oh, gosh, this is a crime free zone!  I better go somewhere else.  Or, better yet, I will mend my evil ways and become an upstanding member of society.”

Yes, I’m sure that’s exactly how it’s going to work.

I saw this sign when I was out getting Chinese food with my family.  It made me laugh so hard, I just had to take a picture of it and put it on my blog.  This is a genuine sign I saw, and not photoshopped.

One thing I’ve noticed about criminals, is that just telling them that what they are doing is wrong isn’t especially effective.  Shooting them or locking them up tends to be slightly more helpful.

Similarly ineffective signs are “Gun free zones,” since that just tells psychos where to go to shoot a bunch of unarmed people.

The Aurora shooter may have specifically gone to a theater that did not allow guns (there were several movie theaters closer to his home, but none of them banned guns).

Or how about the woman raped at the University of Nevada in a gun free zone at gunpoint.  I’m sure she felt much better about her trauma knowing she was in a “safe zone.”

I, personally, am a big fan of the CCW method of crime prevention, like the man in a Portland mall who stopped a shooter by pulling out his own gun.  He didn’t even have to shoot – just pull it out and aim at the psychopath.

(Please continue your own research on this subject; I merely included these three links to get you started.)

I’m willing to hear some other theories of the best way to reduce crime.  However, regardless of what you think is the best way to reduce crime, can we at least agree that these signs are pointless and save the taxpayers some money by not putting them up?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. Mikey G says:

    I’ve heard that educating children so that they are more likely to have lawful ways to thrive is an effective way to prevent crime. I’d say the shoot people is the pound of cure method: certainly necessary but should not be mistaken for prevention.

  2. Adam Power says:

    The answer is always more freedom. I believe that we should legalize some of the things which cause more crime because of the efforts against it. I do not approve of drugs or prostitution but our prohibitions have always resulted in more organized crime, more violence, and more money spent to fight these things. In fact, the more money we spend the more crime we seem to get. We have more people in prison than ever and its growing exponentially but crime isn’t going down. There is a reason we ended prohibition against alcohol, but we keep it up on marijuana for some reason

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