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Life’s Simple Joys


Going along with my post “Life is Too Short to Wear Boring Socks,” I thought I’d make a list of some of life’s simple joys.  After all, most of life is made up of everyday moments, not the really exciting ones that get movies made about them.

I believe in savoring the little things that make life good.  Such as:

  • A hot shower – I love few things more than a hot shower to start my day or at the end of it.  I sing as I scrub, or just ponder life.
  • A good long chunk of time to read a good book – Or even a not very good book that’s just fun to read.  I absolutely love reading, and nothing is better than a long period of uninterrupted reading.
  • A good conversation – Conversation with friends can make any bad day a little better.  I like conversation that is lively, interesting, stimulating, or just plain funny.
  • Reminiscing – Can be included with the good conversation.  I had a lot of fun making some of those memories, so it’s nice to remember them, especially with good friends.
  • Hugs – Even science says this is a good idea.  The best ones are when I feel unlovable, and someone surprises me with a warm, affectionate hug.
  • The Sky – I love to look up at the sky!  I love to see clouds, stars, and sunsets.  Somehow, looking at the sky always makes me feel hopeful for the future, kind of like the sky’s the limit.  Corny, I know, but nice all the same.
  • Nature – Goes along with the one above.  Nature is so beautiful, it’s nice to stop and admire it once in a while.  Especially when it is unexpected, like a shockingly beautiful flower in an otherwise urban setting.
  • Comfort Food – In my case, this means almost anything with cheese, or even just cheese by itself.  Usually I’m so busy I just scarf down my food, but sometimes it’s nice to really savor the flavors.
  • A Cup of Herbal Tea – I have a cup of apple cinnamon tea every morning at work, and it has become an important part of my morning.  It centers me and helps me feel ready for the day.
  • Family Time – Even if we’re not really doing anything special or important.  I realized awhile back that nothing in my life is as important as my family.  Sometimes I have something I want to do and I feel annoyed at having to interrupt it, but I always feel better for spending time with my family.
  • Writing My Thoughts – I’ve been a prolific journal writer ever since I was eight.  I guess a blog is really just an extension of that.  Sometimes I have so many thoughts jumbling around in my head that I just have to get them out.
  • Praise and Appreciation – It’s so nice to be noticed and appreciated.  Even little compliments on my hair or my jewelry are nice.  Whenever I post something online, I’m eager to see what others have thought about it.  When I’m getting to know someone, I want to know if they like me.
  • Giving Compliments – I love when someone really appreciates a compliment I give them.
  • Giving an Awesome Gift – The difference between politeness and true enthusiasm is so apparent.  It’s fun to give a gift you know someone is really going to enjoy.
  • That Moment Your Student Gets It – When they get a new concept or skill, especially after repeated attempts, or when they make a personal connection to what they’re learning, or suddenly make a really insightful remark.  That is so why I teach.
  • The Funny Things Kids Say – My favorite part of teaching is being with the kids.  They really surprise me with some of the things they say!
  • When a Movie or T.V. Show You Thought Would Suck Turns Out to Be Really Awesome – You know, that movie you watch with your significant other to make him or her happy.  It’s pretty cool when it actually turns out to be entertaining.

I think that’s enough for now.  What are your simple joys?  Share them in the comments below!


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